Unisol operates subsidiary businesses in the natural resources sectors.
Its natural resources portfolio includes oil and gas, potash and iron ore assets. Unisol pursues growth through the acquisition of underdeveloped assets at competitive valuations. Its flagship assets are located across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, in sectors and locations with significant growth potential and a competitive cost environment. We invest where it can see project returns in the mid-teens levels, using a locally adjusted cost of the capital assessment.

Unisol operates  in a broad spectrum of industries including media, packaging, infrastructure and technology. Leveraging EGME Group’s previous work in Africa and existing relationships with governments, Unisol has identified additional opportunities to expand its footprint in the African region.

At Unisol, we are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, both in how we conduct our business and how we contribute to the development of the areas and communities in which we work. We are very active in supporting local community initiatives through our oil and gas investments in Africa.