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About Us

Essel Group ME (EGME) operates subsidiary businesses in the natural resources, nuclear-energy, financial services, media production, international trading and education. Its natural resources portfolio includes oil and gas, potash and iron ore assets. The media businesses provide audiovisual and experiential media and post production services. EGME pursues growth through the acquisition of underdeveloped assets at competitive valuations. Its flagship assets are located across Africa, Europe and the Middle East, in sectors and locations with significant growth potential and a competitive cost environment.

EGME is a part of Essel Group, the Indian multinational conglomerate operating in a broad spectrum of industries including media, packaging, infrastructure and technology. Building on Essel Group’s 90 year history of developing and promoting businesses, EGME is leading the expansion of the Group’s presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America.

Our Companies

  • Unisol is EGME’s diversified natural resources and energy division which invests in and manages assets and businesses in the oil and gas, potash, iron ore and low carbon intensive sectors.
  • Gee Square is a supplies and logistics company, that provides services and solutions to international relief agencies and engineering companies.
  • Morgan Gatsby is a diversified financial services group based in Dubai. The group’s capabilities cover Investment Banking, Wealth Management and Corporate Advisory services.
  • Four 2 Four specialises in the provision of first-class educational facilities and services.

Our Strategy

Our vision is to actively acquire and manage a portfolio of assets and businesses across a range of sectors capable of delivering sustainable long term growth.

Our natural resources portfolio includes oil and gas, potash and iron ore assets which operate at the low-end of the cost curve and leverage the Group’s expertise in procurement and product distribution. We pursue growth through the acquisition of underdeveloped assets at competitive valuations. Currently, our anchor assets are located across Africa, where there is significant potential and a competitive cost environment. Our assets are strategically located close to existing infrastructure links to enable quick monetisation and transport to end customers.

Through our energy division, we are seeking to capitalise on the growing demand for energy from alternative low carbon sources by investing in new technology led businesses and assets. In 2016, we acquired a stake in LeadCold Reactors, a pioneering Swedish-Canadian developer of lead-cooled small nuclear reactor technology.

Our logistics and services division operates in three key areas; relief supplies, trading of basic goods and engineering supplies. We serve clients across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and we have worked closely with humanitarian organisations on projects in both regions.

In 2017, EGME diversified into the financial services sector through the acquisition of Morgan Gatsby, the Dubai-based group focused on Investment Banking, Wealth Management and Corporate Advisory.

At EGME, we are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, both in how we conduct our business and how we contribute to the development of the areas and communities in which we work. We are active in supporting local community initiatives through our oil and gas investments in Africa, and we operate in sectors that facilitate the provision of first-class educational facilities and humanitarian aid to conflict zones across the world.

The Group has a strong financial position and is backed by Essel Group, a global conglomerate with net assets worth in excess of $20bn.


  • 2017

    August – Essel Media Hub acquires Boo.lab, a Spanish based company specializing in audiovisual & experimential media

    June – Essel Media Hub Acquires Essel Serena, a leading Media Production house

    January – Essel Group ME acquires Morgan Gatsby, a leading financial services company in Dubai

  • 2016

    October – Essel Group ME makes investment in LeadCold Reactors

    July – Essel Media Me started Seismic Acquisition in Block 2A, Kenya

    June – Essel Group ME formally launches its natural resources sub-divisions:
    Unisol Petroleum, Unisol Potash and Unisol Mining

    April – Essel Group ME invests in Simba Energy Inc. through a private placement. Simba Energy Inc. appoints Gagan Goel as Vice-Chairman and Punkaj Gupta Chief Excutive Officer

  • 2015

    December – Essel Group ME enters into a definitive farm out agreement with Simba Energy Inc. for exploration interests in a number of oil & gar PSCs in sub-Saharan Africa

    May – Essel Group ME acquires the exploration licenses for the Agameda, Gedem, Defere and Tereshi iron ore mines in Eritrea

    May – Essel Group ME acquires the exploration licenses for the Bada potash mine in Eritrea

    March – Essel Group ME forms Gee Square Holding SRL. the Supplies and Logistics Division of EGME.

  • 2012

    Essel Group ME started an Agriculture Park in Juba, South Sudan

    Essel Group ME Established food Security Park in Juba, South Sudan

    Essel Group ME Founded

About Essel Group

For nine decades, Essel Group has been a leading business conglomerate having diverse business interests across Media, Entertainment, Packaging, Infrastructure, Education, Precious Metals and Technology Sectors. We have created an impressive track record of value creation in all our businesses that compares well with their respective industry peers. Our companies strive to bring the latest innovation and the best value offerings to all our consumers in our quest to deliver the best in class.

“Faith in innovative and organized growth” works as the guiding principle behind every business at Essel and keeps us committed to enhancing operational excellence through greater focus on innovation and efficient resource utilization. With worldwide operations, a workforce of over 10000 employees and net assets worth approximately $20bn, Essel Group is growing in strength day by day.