Who We Are

Gee Square Holding SRL is a supplies and logistics company that provides goods, services and industrial solutions to a wide range of organisations including international relief agencies and engineering companies. Gee Square has executed projects worth $10m .

Our business operates in three key areas:

  • Relief supplies
  • General Trading
  • Engineering supplies

We serve clients across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and we have worked closely with humanitarian organisations and independent contractors on projects in all three regions.

The company is headquartered in Italy and has its offices in Egypt, Dubai, UK and India. Gee Square was founded in March 2015 and it is owned by Essel Group ME (“EGME”).

Relief Agencies Supplies

Gee Square is a UN-approved vendor at Level 2, supplying emergency one stop humanitarian aid and development solutions to various international relief agencies such as FAO, UNICEF, UNMISS, ACTED, UNRWA, UNHCR, UNIFIL and WFP.

Our relief products range from hygiene kits to medical kits, sleeping bags to shelter and tents, agricultural fertilizer to food security, education kits to fishing equipment, and we have sent supplies to support relief efforts in a number of conflict zones and crisis areas such as Yemen, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon, as well as other UN missions in Italy Thailand, Mali and Haiti.

We have executed projects worth approximately $10m. We are the first and only company to have successfully supplied relief materials during ongoing difficult situations in Libya and Yemen.

In our latest achievement, the Gee Square Holding team was awarded the task of supplying urea to farmers at 19 different locations in an active war situation in Yemen by the UN’s agency FAO. Despite unpredictable and dangerous conditions, our team handled and negotiated the matter in a professional manner and delivered the supplies successfully.

In March 2016, Gee Square secured contracts from two aid agencies to deliver supplies to South Sudan. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (“FAO”) appointed Gee Square to supply fishing equipment to its operations in Juba. Gee Square’s team arranged for 7 containers to be shipped from China to the port of Mombasa in Kenya and it then oversaw the safe transportation of the cargo to the FAO’s warehouses in Juba.

In June 2015 ACTED, the French humanitarian NGO, commissioned Gee Square to deliver health hygiene kits to the Marsa Al Brega region in Libya. Despite facing extremely challenging conditions, including the lack of any active port facilities, the team successfully completed its operation and delivered vital supplies and services to thousands of families.

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General Trading

GEE Square also possesses a general trading arm, that trades commodities across the world. Our business covers a wide range of goods including oil and gas, coal, steel, nonferrous and precious metals and soft commodities. Our clients include multinational energy and chemical companies, global coal and metal traders, utilities and soft commodity trading houses.

Our close ties with some of the world’s leading suppliers have given us a competitive edge over other companies in our sectors. We are well placed to deliver a specialised and highly reliable service to our clients and have a track record of moving commodities across the globe reliably, efficiently and responsibly.

Engineering Supplies

Gee Square Holding SRL is a leading engineering and construction contractor (“EPC”). We offer a range of services including project design, procurement and construction, and we have a strong track record of success across a variety of sectors including agriculture, construction, power generation, mining and renewable energy.

We have recently opened a branch office in Cairo, Egypt which positions Gee Square to benefit from the growth opportunities available through local government and private tenders in North Africa and the Middle East.

Egypt hopes to generate 20% of its power from renewable sources by 2022, massively increasing the role of solar, wind and hydropower. Gee Square has great experience of working on successful solar energy projects and these expertise will form a core part of the company’s offering in the region.