Unisol is EGME’s diversified natural resources and energy division which invests in and manages assets and businesses in the oil and gas, potash, iron ore and low carbon intensive sectors.

Unisol has built its portfolio, taking advantage of the low commodity price environment to acquire high quality, competitively valued assets.

Unisol’s natural resources portfolio consists of a number of flagship oil and gas, potash and iron ore assets that are set to enter production within the next three years. Leveraging Essel Group’s previous work in Africa and existing relationships with governments, Unisol has identified additional opportunities to expand its footprint in the African region.

Unisol’s management team firmly believes that the current low commodity price environment will improve in the medium-term, and is keen to invest at this point in the cycle. Unisol’s businesses are well funded and able to fully develop their prospects. Unisol invests where it can see project returns in the mid-teens levels, using a locally adjusted cost of capital assessment.

Unisol Energy seeks to capitalise on the growing demand for energy from alternative energy sources by investing in in low-carbon intensive assets and businesses. In 2016, EGME completed the acquisition of LeadCold Reactors, a pioneering Swedish-Canadian lead-cooled small nuclear reactor technology company.

Unisol’s operations are split between four separate businesses:

Unisol Petroleum


Unisol Potash


Unisol Mining


Unisol Energy