We are a member of an audiovisual group; Essel Media Hub. Serena ME was established in 2002 by experienced professionals from the audiovisual industry – we tend to call ourselves: artists. We decided to combine our talents and ideas to create the most advanced postproduction facility in the region. A place to develop great media output with no catches.

Since then we have been working for the main creative advertising agencies and production companies nationally and internationally, including direct clients; this had put us in a responsible prestigious position among the most demanding industry in terms of quality standards.

We understand the opportunity our clients give us to improve our craft by allowing us to actively participate in their creative processes. Our producers, and engineers skillfully combine their artistic and technical talents. We know how to interpret and understand the customer’s needs, which helps us establish strong bonds of trust and loyalty.

At Serena we combine ideas with cutting-edge technology to offer efficient services that cover the whole production creation process with the help of its artist, and partners worldwide.