Unisol Mining

Ghedem, Eriteria

Iron Ore


Unisol (EGME) owns and operates Ghedem iron ore mine in Eritrea.

The Ghedem mines contain total resource and reserves of 10 million metric tons of 55-60% quality Fe. The mine is well located, lying close to the capital city, Asmara, and the port of Massawa, which provides an effective export facility. Unisol is currently conducting a deeper exploration on the license and is expecting to complete a detailed reserve estimate and feasibility report by 2019.

In Ghehem Iron ore deposit area, Unisol has drilled 19 RC drill holes successfully, and have encountered considerable ore thickness in log records. Analysis of Extended iron ore suites – XRF of the processed sample will be carried out by a reputed agency.


Feasibility study of Ghedem iron ore deposits is under discussion with reputed agencies to evaluate the prospects within the block. Unisol is in the process of tendering and evaluation of Mining Equipment & Services for Capex procurement. Unisol has completed the Environmental Baseline Study and is expected to complete the Impact and Management study in parallel with the feasibility study through competent consultant.

Gobo Akrieb, Eritrea

Lime Deposits


The Gobo Akrieb lime project (named after the local area) is located 150 km west of Asmara (225 km by road), 40km southwest of the regional town of Akordat, and 45 km north of Barentu, the regional, or Zone Administration Centre, of the Gash-Barka District, in Eritrea, East Africa.


The Akrieb marble belt is situated within the Adobha Abiy Terrane (AAT) which stretches along the western part of Eritrea. The project is of utmost importance to the region as it improves the socio-economic conditions of the local habitants such as better employment opportunities and improvement in the social infrastructure of the area.


The proposed capacity of this project is 45000 tons to 50000 tons/annum quick lime production from limestone. The total resource of Lime ore deposits is estimated around 196 million tons from pre-feasibility mineral resources, the total reserve is considered to be 50 to 60 Million tons at 55 % recovery rate which more than 30 million tons and is sufficient for more than 50 years’ of life.


The Gas barka project provides a great opportunity for export development and it must be developed with a major aim to export lime and any other products that would attract external markets.  The lime plant would be designed so that it can easily increase its capacity as the market evolves from the initial 15000 TPA.  The national economy may be able to absorb this level of production in the short to medium term in the absence of a fixed export market.


Supply Installation & Commissioning of EPC contract for Lime Kiln including Hydration plan & other machinery are under discussion with reputed suppliers.

Map: Topographic map of Ghedem Iron ore deposit showing RC drill holes

Map: Location map of Gobo Akrieb Lime Project