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Bada, Eritrea


Unisol (EGME) acquired the exploration license for the Bada potash mine in May 2015. The license area comprises 626 sq km and is located in the northernmost part of the Danakil region of Eritrea, East Africa.


The Danakil Depression is world renowned for possessing significant accumulations of potash salts. Several potash projects to the south of Bada and across the border in Eritrea have significant proven potash reserves. Based on the physiographic features and location of the Bada basin, it is clear that the area possesses a suitable depositional environment for potash accumulation.


The license area is approximately 330km by road from the capital city Asmara and 230km from the port of Massawa. This proximity to established infrastructure links provides the means to service the strong demand for potash in India and China. Unisol estimates that Bada possesses approximate reserves of more than one billion metric tons of potassium-bearing salts and production is anticipated to commence in the beginning of 2020.


In September 2016, Unisol deployed external consultant Ercosplan to undergo data assessment and exploration strategy study for Bada concession for reconfirming potash deposit orientation. After reviewing previous boreholes, Ecrosplan has confirmed that the Bada area is presumed to host similar
stratigraphy as that of Dallol and Colluli areas.


In 2017, Unisol also organised Electric Resistivity through local Govt. agency to delineate thickest alluvial section, confirming the existence of inferred faults in the basin and to understand the trend of Salts and its intervention. The main objectives of profiling survey were to see lateral resistivity variation and trace fault at the basin. The study concludes that there is a possibility of rock salt at one point at a depth range from 117.73m to 500m depth and at another point at a different depth range from 98m to 192m.


In the next phase of the exploration campaign at the Bada prospect, the focus will be on undertaking a rigorous drilling program of deep test holes. All necessary camp and ancillary facilities have been set up at Bada site. The drilling is expected to commence in Q2 2019 which is to be followed by sample analysis and Geophysical logging in the Q1 2020.

Bada License Area

Geological Map of Bada Potash Project