About The Assets

Bada, Eritrea

EGME acquired the exploration license for the Bada potash mine in May 2015. The license area comprises 626km, and is located in the northern most part of the Danakil region of Eritrea, East Africa.

The Danakil Depression is world renowned for possessing significant accumulations of potash salts. Several potash projects to the south of Bada and across the border in Eritrea have significant proven potash reserves. Based on the physiographic features and location of the Bada basin, it is clear that the area possesses a suitable depositional environment for potash accumulation.

The license area is approximately 330km by road from the capital city Asmara and 230km from the port of Massawa. This proximity to established infrastructure links provides the means to service the strong demand for potash in India and China. EGME estimates that Bada possesses approximate reserves of more than one billion metric tons of potassium-bearing salts and production is anticipated to commence at the end of 2017.